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The Summer of my Agency

I’m afraid of everything…except when I’m with my dad.” 

Valerie is looking forward to spending time with her dad, but her world is turned upside down when she is forced to spend the summer with her tough as nails grandmother. 

Her grandmother doesn’t want her.

Her new best friend deserts her.

Her fishing buddy has a terrible secret he can’t tell her. 

But what Valerie doesn’t know is her father is under going secret cancer treatment over the summer. Can she survive the summer with her grandmother? What will she do when she learns the truth about her father? Will she become a master of her own fate? Will she find courage from within to carry on?


Sisterly Love …  four sisters, one wedding dress, one ghost

“The wedding dress will bring me good luck and true love…” 

It’s Charlene’s wedding day, and her three sisters are refusing to hand over great-great grandmother Mary’s wedding dress.  The dress, blessed by sea kelpies to give the wearer true love, and a good marriage, is the only guarantee of real happiness for Charlene and her new man. 

But her sisters have other ideas, as to who is more deserving of the dress and happily-ever-after. 

Mary thinks it’s time she paid a visit to sort out the sisters, the wedding, and her wedding dress.

About M.E. Macdonald 

M.E. has lived in Canada, Australia and New Zealand working in the financial and banking sectors, the telecommunications industry, and the education and contract research fields. She currently lives on Waiheke Island, writes most of the time and works in a surf shop some of the time. 

Travel Tales are stories from her trips accompanying her husband, a professor in environmental sciences during his sabbaticals to places including Bihar India, Tibet, Qinghai, China, Spain, Portugal, Japan, Beijing, Singapore, France, Czech Republic, Vienna, Chile, Brazil, Sweden, UK, Utah, Oregon, and Malaysia. 

She believes a good story can nourish the soul, change our consciousness, and ask the important question of how do I live, now? 

Her debut novel, The Summer of my Agency is available in 2023.